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Greek Street-Food Tour


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Greek Pastry


Cooking Greek with Jimmy the Greek

Virtual Cooking Experience

Jim, Host + Curator

My aim - always - is to unite travellers and ensure that my Greek Food Tours and Experiences showcase the best flavours Greektown has to offer. 

As a Photographer, Writer and Videographer, I get to find, taste and write about the best food in Toronto. I grew up in Greektown and speak fluent Greek, which means you always get the insider tips into one of Toronto's most eclectic and delicious neighbourhoods. 

Whether you're a solo traveller, a couple or a group, Travel Mammal Food Tours makes you feel welcomed. Our small and intimate group sizes promote and encourage conversation, inclusion and new friendships. 

Share some laughs, stories and walk away feeling full of great food and great experiences.

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Jim did a wonderful job of bringing the experience of Greektown to life. 
Absolutely brilliant time with Jim exploring and eating our way through Greektown! 
Jim is a great host!
We booked BOTH of his Food Tours!


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