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Jim, Host + Curator

I grew up with my single Greek Mom who believed that food was the greatest force to bringing people and cultures together. And she put me to work in the kitchen from a young age. I helped her daily to prepare authentic home-made Greek dishes, always making a bit extra to give to our neighbors.

Greek food is always a celebration of Philoxenia - inclusivity, community and love through soul food. I've learned the traditions, recipes and techniques on how to create a perfect Greek meal from start to finish and, with my Online Greek Cooking Classes, I share those secrets with you as we create delicious food together.


My aim - always - is to unite the global community through food! Since 2020, my Greek Food Gift Baskets have not only  showcased the best flavours of Greece delivered and shipped to your door, they have also brought a touch of joy to those who've sent them to loved ones, and those who've received them with love.

Can't wait to hear from you!



LOVE LOVE LOVE my Greek Food Gift Basket. Great goodies! 

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I can see why The Zorba is the best-seller! The thing is 15 pounds and you get EVERYTHING! 

Cooking Greek in kitchen on Airbnbn

Learned so much and cooking with Jim was great for team-building!